Immigrant Rights Activists Hold Know Your Rights Meetings in Wake of Deportations

“One of the most important parts of what we’re facing right here is for people to understand they have constitutional rights and we need to teach them on how to exercise those rights.” -Sonia Marquez, Membership Director of The Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition in Longmont.

KGNU’s Julia Caulfield spoke with Sonia Marquez, the membership director of The Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition (CIRC) in Longmont about the efforts to teach local area immigrants about their constitutional rights. In response to the recent wave of arrests and deportations, immigrant rights groups around the state are holding know your rights meetings and trainings for allies who want to support immigrants.

“Take action. You know a lot of people are sympathetic to this issue, but it’s important to take those next steps and begin having conversations and not only conversations, but turning those conversations into action and finding ways to plug in.”

The Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition is holding meetings every Wednesday evening to keep the immigrant community informed, teach them what their rights are, and organize to help fight the immigrant arrests and detentions happening under the Trump Administration.