Hemispheres: The Women’s Movement in Saudi Arabia

Women and their allies all over the world are defending human rights with an ever broadening agenda. Hemispheres host Nikki Kayser takes a look at the women’s movement in Saudi Arabia.


Who are these folks with whom we trade oil for security to the tune of $115 billion dollars last year? What is the unique history of Saudi Arabia and its U.S. relations?

Medea Benjamin discusses issues outlined in her latest book, titled Kingdom of the Unjust, Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection.

Blogger Hala Al-Dosari fills us in on the reaction in the kingdom to the petition this fall to repeal guardianship laws.

Kristin Diwan and Karen Young of the Gulf States Institute in Washington consider cultural and economic factors that aid and challenge the movement for women to gain more rights in Saudi Arabia.

Medea Banjamin spoke in Denver in November, 2016:


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Image: Sputnik News