Capitol Coverage: Front Range Rail Study

Among balancing the budget and finding money for transportation projects – lawmakers will examine whether it’s viable to create passenger rail from southern Colorado extending along the Front Range to Fort Collins. KGNU statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland has more from the state capitol.

Supporters of Senate Bill 153 say it would help ease congestion and connect rural and urban areas. It would expand a commission that was originally designed to preserve the existing Amtrak southwest chief rail line in southern Colorado.


Republican sponsor, senator Larry Crowder of Alamosa says now that the southwest chief is stable it makes sense to expand the mandate.

This is the next step. You’re looking at the transportation issues on I25. Doubling the population, how many more lanes are you going to add?

Crowder says Front Range rail would especially benefit the elderly and veterans. If the proposal passes, a group will study whether the idea is feasible. I’m BB at the state capitol.