Capitol Coverage: Dems reject GOP Guns in Schools Bill

A Republican bill aimed at encouraging school districts to set training standards for conceal carry in school has passed in the state senate. But as Bente Birkeland reports, Democrats rejected the bill saying it would lead to more guns in schools.


Right now, Colorado bans firearms in K-12 schools, with exceptions for law enforcement and private security. Some school districts get around the ban by allowing teachers and other staff to work as private security. Senate bill 5 would do away with that requirement and encourage uniform training standards for both staff and guards.

HOLBERT: And I am asking the question, how much training should be required for people who are armed in our schools?

That’s Republican sponsor Chris Holbert of Parker. Democrats – including Senator Rhonda Fields of Aurora oppose the bill.

FIELDS: Teachers should not have the burden of also acting as law enforcement.

The bill passed on a party line vote. It now heads to the Democratic controlled house where it will likely fail. I’m BB at the state capitol.