Tango finds a home in Boulder

“Everyone has their own way of expressing the dance in their body.”

The exact origins of the much-mythologised tango are unclear. But it is a dance that originated in Argentina and is now danced all over the world. KGNU’s Fiona Foster recently paid a visit to the Boulder Tango Studio during an evening social dance to speak with some of the dancers.

The studio was founded by some very famous instructors, people have been taking classes all day some of ‘em and now they are here to unwind and enjoy is called a Milonga: you drink wine, you eat food, you visit, you dance, it is a good time. On of the dancers, John, explains the nuance behind some of the dances being performed.

“We have social dances called Milongas, the men are wearing suits and usually ties, the women are wearing black, it is sexy black not funeral black though.”

Vera, one of the dancers says she had an instant attraction to tango.

“Well the first time I heard tango music I fell in love, it was all about the music, I never get bored, I could listen to it for hours…The first time I saw someone dancing it I said what is this connection, these two people are dancing like one and it was sensuous and just beautiful, and it is a together dance…”

Sylvia says that each person who dances the tango has their own unique experience.

“When each person comes to dancing they may have a personal history, they may have dance training and they may not have dance training when they come to tango and when a person is dancing…everyone has their own way of expressing the dance in their body.”