Sensi: Cannabis and the brain – CU Boulder study

Sensi magazine senior editor Leland Rucker will be taking part in a study on the impact of long-term cannabis use on the brain.

Rachel Thayer and Kent Hutchison from CU Boulder’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience will study the impact on the brain of older, regular marijuana users.

“They’re going to scan my brain with an MRI…and then they’re going to do some tests, and ask questions.”

Rucker says that he is excited about this particular study as it will shine a light on long term marijuana use.

“I read all these studies pro and con and I know that this one isn’t going to be a pro or con thing. I’ve talked to these researchers, they’re just trying to find out what’s going on in a logical scientific manner.”

To be eligible you have to be aged 60 or older and have no non-removable metal in your body and have used marijuana regularly for the last year.

To find out more and participate in the study email or call 720 514 9804.