New Strategy to Bring Treatment to HIV Patients in Denver

“We’re hoping to bring them back to care and get them back on medications so we can keep them healthy and also prevent new infections in the community.”  -Dr. Sarah Rowan, associate director of HIV and Viral Hepatitis Prevention at Denver Public Health.

In January, Denver is launching a new initiative to help find HIV patients who have fallen out of care in order to get them back into treatment. The city has signed on to the Fast Track Cities Initiative, which is a global initiative to end AIDS as a public health threat in the metro area by 2030.

“Treatment for people with HIV is incredibly effective.”

Maeve Conran speaks with Dr. Sarah Rowan about this new initiative. Dr. Rowan discusses the program and also how well medications work to help treat patients with HIV.

The first step is to locate all the patients in the metro area who have not had HIV care for over six months. There is an estimated 7,000-8,000 people living with HIV in the Denver area.


More information on HIV and HIV treatment programs can be found at the Denver Public Health Website.