DIA protest against Trump’s executive order banning Muslim immigrants

“…one thing that had made America great is that America has been and will be a home to all people.” 

Thousands of people swarmed airports around the country over the weekend, protesting Donald Trumps executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim-majority countries.  Hundreds of protestors showed up at DIA on Saturday. Aria Noorzai, one of the organizers of the DIA protest told KGNU that there was a positive response from those involved in the action and from travelers at the airport.

“From what we saw from a lot of people, it seems like Americans believe that coming to America is coming home and that one thing that had made America great is that America has been and will be a home to all people.”

Featured photo: Protest organizer Amal Kassir, an international spoken word poet and Mile High TedX Speaker, says, “We are mobilizing today because it is unlawful for the United States and President Donald Trump to illegally detain American citizens. Today, we come in peace to protect the first amendment rights of our Muslim, refugee and immigrant brothers and sisters.”

Noorzai says that despite not having an official permit to gather at DIA, airport officials largely welcomed and accommodated the crowd.

“We had a beautiful moment where Muslims that were present did need to pray, so we had a whole bunch of other protestors surround them in a ring of support and when they finished their prayer, not only did all the protestors and demonstrators there support them by applauding but we had managerial staff in the airport applauding, we had service staff in the airport applauding as well as travelers passing through. It was a really powerful moment of connection and unity for the American people.”