Tech Talks: IDEO – Part 1

IDEO is a global design company that works with clients to design a variety of problems from designing apps to creating more effective lunchrooms. We talked to IDEO about what they do and why technology is so important to their work. In a company that’s always looking for new solutions, they always need to have up to date technology so they can get their work done. They also value meaningful technology, supporting the idea that technology for technology’s sake is unnecessary. This week, we talked to members of IDEO San Francisco about how technology affects their global integration and work within the company.

How can design help organizations be more creatively competitive?”

IDEO Interview Part 1


Hosts: Hannah Schineller, Sr. Skyline HS, Megan Little, Sr. Niwot HS

Guests: Annette, John, Caryn – IDEO Team members