Tech Talks: Architecture and Technology

Architecture is certainly not a new profession, but is one that continues to evolve and shift with new technologies and materials. From domes to sharp angles, everything has become more grand and complex. Architecture has been made easier with the creation of drafting programs and CAD programs. Architects can now draft projects and full buildings on a computer rather than doing it all by hand. In addition, many measurement tools and math programs have made the calculations and design process easier as well. The job of an architect has evolved with technology to have more opportunity with a little bit less risk.

Today we spoke with Cathy Bellem (Senior Associate) and Jenna Michieli (Associate) from Anderson Mason Dale Architects. We asked them about how they use technology in their work and how it has changed what they do.

Hosts: Steven Lamp, Sr. Skyline HS

Guests: Cathy Bellem Senior Associate, Jenna Michieli  Associate