Outsources: Geeking Out on Sex

Em HouseJoin Angela Palermo for a conversation with sex educator Em House.  Em is a self-described “sex geek” who has been educating people about shame-free sexuality since 2006.  Trained by the Coaches Training Institute and Planned Parenthood and certified in the Our Whole Lives: Sexuality and Identity curriculum, she focuses on sexuality throughout the lifespan, sensual playfulness and deepening one’s sexual power. Em is currently earning her master’s degrees in Human Sexuality and Clinical Social Work at Widener University in Philadelphia, providing people with therapeutically-strengthened sexuality coaching.  She has recently returned from China where she co-led a sex and sexuality workshop with Jeff Jacobson.  We discuss her background and graduate work, her favorite sex educators, Philadelphia’s queer community, what she most enjoys about sex coaching, and the recently concluded sexuality workshop in China.

For more information about Em House and her coaching practice, please visit https://www.facebook.com/coachemhouse/.