Capitol Coverage: Legistlative Session Preview

Our statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland speaks with members of the 2017 Colorado legislature about the election and upcoming session.

House Speaker Crisanta Duran

Democrat Crisanta Duran will serve as the top lawmaker in the state House of Representatives next session, leading the 65-member chamber as speaker of the house. She will also be the first Latina to serve in that role in state history.


House Minority Leader Patrick Neville

Republican Patrick Neville is only serving his second term in office, but he recently rose to the highest position in his caucus — house minority leader. Neville’s selection comes as a surprise; Polly Lawrence, who has served in the legislature since 2012, was considered the favorite for the position


Senate President Kevin Grantham

Republican Kevin Grantham will lead the State Senate next session. His party held onto its one-seat majority in that chamber. He’d previously focused on budget issues. He comes from Canyon City and says he’s the first rural Senate President in more than four decades.


Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman 

Democratic Senator Lucia Guzman, representing Denver, is the only legislative leader returning to her role, but it’s something she didn’t expect. She thought her party would gain the majority, but after the November election Democrats are still one seat shy.


Governor John Hickenlooper

Governor John Hickenlooper is entering his second to last legislative session as governor. He said he’s very aware of his time in office being limited, and that colored his discussion on his goals for the upcoming legislative session.