To Form a More Perfect Union

Chuck Edelstein, Phillip A. Hubbart and Dennis Dalton have co-edited To form a more perfect union: An anthology of American Values and the Debate on Income and Wealth Disparity.

Edelstein tells KGNU’s Jim Banks that he and his co-authors have compiled an anthology of writing on wealth inequality that looks at the concepts people have had about wealth and income distribution and what to do about it.

“Broadly, if you go through history we’ve narrowed it down to two great and opposing schools of thoughts. One of course is the traditional or what we would call conservative – which is the idea of limited government, free markets and so forth. In our book we have some quotes from the great thinkers of those theories and we have footnotes which will lead people and link into doing more stuff…
The next one is what people broadly call the liberal way of looking at the world. So we have the great thinkers and also those of lesser lights on the idea of government and government intervention, regulation and so forth.”