Radio Bookclub: Brad Watson and “Miss Jane”

Watson Miss JaneThe November selection for the Radio Bookclub is Miss Jane by Brad Watson.  Arsen Kashkashian says this is a novel, based on the story of Watson’s own aunt.

“This is a family story that goes back to the 30s. It’s a novel based on Brad Watson’s great aunt, a woman named Jane, who had a genetic defect, a genital defect, that did not allow her to have sex, she never got married, she wasn’t able to live the life of a woman of the time. But she went on to have a very vibrant life and in this novel he recreates that and he tries to figure out the story of his great aunt and you learn a lot about the 30s and what it was like to be in that situation at that point in time and I think it’s very well done.”

Brad Watson joined us on November 17th, 2016  to discuss Miss Jane.