Where Politics and Psychology Meet: Citizenship as Spiritual Practice

For almost 40 years, psychotherapists, counselors, clergy, educators, doctors, authors, community leaders, and others have gathered together in Boulder every month as part of the Interface series which happens on the 3rd Friday of every month.  On Friday October 21st, Mark Gerzon, internationally renowned conflict resolution expert and author of the The Reunited States of America, will be speaking on Where Politics and Psychology Meet: Citizenship as Spiritual Practice.

“What I notice is that so many of my friends thinks politics is one thing and meditation is another, and to me there is nothing that requires a more clearer, calmer state of consciousness today than politics and citizenship. Because citizenship means weighing all this chaotic input and to weigh it from a place of stillness and witness it from a place of wisdom and then make a wise decision. If that’s not a spiritual practice, what is?”



Mark Gerzon will speak at the Naropa Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology, Paramita Campus, Virya Room, 3285 30th St, Boulder CO 80301 on Friday October 21st. Check in at 7.15am. This is part of the Interface monthly series.