Tech Talks: Patty Quinones, Innovation Center Executive Director

The Innovation Center, while just in its first few years of existence, has been growing greatly since it first opened. Students have access to jobs that they would never have access to anywhere else. This is all because the St. Vrain Valley School District had a vision and carried it out. Patty Quinones is the executive director of the Innovation Center and makes sure that everything is moving smoothly behind the scenes.

Quinones deals with in-district relations, company relations, and making sure that the whole place continues to function and grow. One thing Patty has guaranteed for a number of students is valuable work opportunities before they graduate. Students work on client based and in house projects, ranging from coding, to working with robots, and producing media. The goal is to get students excited about work and all that they will be able to do in their futures.

Hannah Schineller, a senior at Skyline High School talked to Patty about the original vision of the Innovation Center and where it has gone since then. We asked about all of the opportunities that students have while working here and why these opportunities are important. Finally, we talked about how she wants the Innovation Center to grow and what the next steps are.

Here’s what she said: