Tech Talks: BEST Robotics Team

BEST Robotics is a national competition for middle school and high school students across the United States. People gather together into teams and work towards the opening day, practice day, and the game day. Every year, a new game theme is chosen to present a new challenge to new and former competitors. Teams attend opening day and are presented the game theme and their box of materials, which is all they are allowed to use to construct their robot. Along with building the robot, competitors create a booth and marketing presentation to set up on game day. To document their work, they create an engineering notebook. BEST promotes work within the community and encourages students to use their robot and experience to better their surrounding community. The BEST experience helps students get a glimpse of real life work scenarios and how their experiences can help influence others.

Hannah Schineller talked to some of the members of the Innovation Center BEST Robotics team about their robot and how the process has been going.  Guests: Jake Roberts, Sr. Skyline HS, Lindsey Hamblin Sr. Skyline HS, Devita Bird.