Outsources: Dancing Into Identity – A Conversation with Jean-Paul Weaver

Interview with artist and dancer Jean-Paul Weaver.  Jean-Paul grew up in Centennial, Colorado, and his pursuit of the arts has led him across the country and the world.  Jean-Paul discusses how dance has in many ways been the impetus for his exploration of his Haitian American identity, and the ways in which this culture intersects with his queer identity.

Jean-Paul explains how his recent works explore this intersection of queer Haitian Vodou culture, and how his visit to Haiti earlier in 2016 has prompted not only artistic production but also activism in giving back to Haitian-led efforts of recovery and resilience.

More information about Jean-Paul Weaver and his work.


Music: Pinback – Non Photo Blue, Grimes – Genesis, Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin – Ave Maria, Racine Mapou de Azor – Samba Move, Le Motel – Lullaby