Outsources – A (Trans) Life in Comedy: Remembering Jordan Wieleba

Join Angela Palermo for a conversation about the life of Jordan Wieleba, a Denver area trans woman comedian, who passed away on Thursday, September 8th.  Jordan contracted bronchitis and suffered a severe asthma attack on top of it.  She was taken to the hospital, slipped into a coma and then died.  It was a terrible shock to everyone who knew her.  Jordan was so vital and full of life.  And someone, who by her profession as a comic, made people laugh.  Her passing was doubly shocking for me since my interview with her had only been broadcast as an Outsources episode a mere ten days prior to her death.  I was stunned and deeply sadden to near speechlessness.  We here in the local transgender community have lost one of our own, someone who was a bright light and a rising star.

I am hoping we can both grieve Jordan’s sudden passing and celebrate her life and everything she meant to the local trans and comedy communities.  We will be hearing clips of Jordan’s comedy so you can get a flavor for her act on stage.  Rachel Weeks and Janae Burris, two of Jordan’s local comedy colleagues, are in studio to lend additional context to Jordan’s work and life.  Rachel and Janae are working comics in their own rights and knew Jordan well.  In fact, they are a part of the Pussy Bros comedy group – a group that also included Jordan as one of its four members.  Please check out clips of Rachel and Janae on YouTube.  They are both really funny comedians.  I guarantee they will amuse you.


For more information about Jordan Wieleba, please visit her website www.comedianjordan.com.