Dot Org: Tattoos to support Boulder Humane Society

Claw and Talon Tattoo is partnering with The Boulder Humane Society to fund-raise for their program.  The tattoo studio will be doing cat/dog/adoptable animal tattoo flash from 11am to 7pm on Sunday October 16th,  and proceeds will go directly to the Humane Society.  Chelsea Pohl, co-owner of Claw and Talon says that this is the 3rd annual give-back event, aimed at supporting local organizations that do the hard work of care-taking our furry and feathery friends.


Details about the day:
1) Tattoos will be done on a first come, first served basis
2) We encourage you to show up at 11:30am to get your name on the list
3) We will start tattooing at 12:00pm and will finish by 8:00pm
4) Designs will range between $50 – $150, depending on size, color vrs. black and grey, and location on the body
5) Please remember to tip your tattoo artist
6) Cash is preferred
7) Only slight modifications to the designs MAY be possible and will be allowable at the artists discretion (for example, they may be able to omit aspects of the designs, but anything requiring additional drawing time won’t be permitted.)