Bradford Lyttle: Non Violent Resistance Pacifist Party Candidate

“It is impossible to build national security on the basis of military force.” -Bradford Lyttle, Founder and presidential candidate for the Non-Violent Resistance Pacifist Party.

For over three decades, Bradford Lyttle has been raising awareness of the military nuclear threat to the world by all the countries that have nuclear weapons. In every election cycle, Lyttle runs for president of the United States in order to help spread this message about the dangers of a militarized world.

Using mathematical equations and scientific theories, Lyttle argues that the dangers of military civilizations with nuclear weapons will eventually lead to nuclear destruction. KGNU’s Dave Ashton spent some time with Lyttle to learn more about the Non Violent Resistance Pacifist Party, their platform, and why Lyttle is running for president.