Tech Talks: RC Aviation

Companies have been creating remote control (RC) planes for years and selling them to avid hobbyists for daily entertainment. The planes are controlled almost like a real aircraft, gliding through the sky as gracefully as the pilot is capable of.

At the Innovation Center, creating new learning opportunities for individuals is important. That’s why student Aidan Sesnic is beginning an aviation club. In this club, members will not only learn how to fly the planes but also how to build them. Members will learn the fundamental physics behind flight during the process as well. Not only will this club provide opportunity for hobbyists, it will also provide opportunity for those interested in pursuing aviation as a career. Many of the skills they will learn will transfer not only to their current career, but to any engineering career they pursue later as well.

Host Hannah Schineller, Senior at Skyline High School, spoke with Aidan about the class and about what members will learn throughout the course. Aidan also explains how he got into aviation and how it will help him pursue engineering in the future. Here’s the conversation: