Tech Talks: Loveland Creatorspace Pt. 2

Today we continue our tour of the Loveland CreatorSpace with founder Jamie Leben. Last time we got an overview of what makerspaces are and how they have been integrating themselves into the public. This week, Jamie explains what is available to members at the Loveland CreatorSpace. One set of tools they have is a set of Lulzbot 3D printers. In addition to the 3D printers, the CreatorSpace has a mechanic workshop, wood workshop, and laser cutters. All of these tools are available to members 24/7 and some are available to the public during their open workspace hours from 2:00 to 6:00 pm daily.

In addition to talking about the facilities, Jamie also discussed the recent White House convention where leaders of Maker Faires from all 50 states convened and discussed the future of the fairs and makerspaces. Then, they moved onto an international convention to help make connections around the world for makerspace founders. The founders are all interested in international collaboration so all communities have access to makerspaces. They also hope to spread the reach of makerspaces so improvements are easier to make. Let’s hear Jamie explain the rest of the shop and how makerspaces are growing. 

Hosted by Hannah Schineller; Sr. Skyline HS.