Tech Talks: iPad One-to-One Roundtable

Recently, the St. Vrain Valley School district implemented a one to one program within the high schools and middle schools. Through this program, every single student received an iPad mini for their use during class and at home. Teachers have been encouraged to use the technology in the classroom and set up assignments in places like Schoology and Google Classroom. While many people have embraced the technology, some others are against it. Many people strongly believe that learning should be done on pen and paper and not in technology. There have been studies leaning both ways, but nothing has come up as completely definitive.

We talked to students of Skyline High School about their opinions on how the iPads have been working in class. Here is what they said:


Host: Steven Lamp, Sr. Skyline HS

Guests: Lili Arredondo, Jr. Skyline HS, Hannah Schineller, Sr. Skyline HS