Denver Day of Dignity for Homeless

“It’s a day to bring the homeless community together in a dignified manner and provide them with different services and give them access to contacts for resources because this is a one day event and we want them to have ongoing services throughout the rest of the year.”-Christina Tobias Nahi, Director of Public Affairs and Institutional Funding for Islamic Relief USA.

On Saturday, September 23rd, Islamic Relief USA brought the Day of Dignity program to Denver to help out the homeless population in the city. The group offers the homeless population things they need to survive like blankets and clothes as well as medical services.

KGNU’s Tim Wintemute spoke with Christina Tobias Nahi,  Director of Public Affairs and Institutional Funding for Islamic Relief USA, who says the Day of Dignity event is not just for one day, rather it’s an effort to connect them with with agencies that can help them continue accessing necessary services throughout the year.

Nadeen Ibrahim, City Coordinator for the 2016 Denver Day of Dignity is with the organization  Muslim Family Services of Colorado.  Ibrahim says that this is a community focused event that aims to provide sustainable support for the homeless.

“The entire point of this event is to provide community members struggling with homelessness access to resources and services within the community and help network them with those services, in a way that allows them to be connected with them on a sustainable level.”