Tech Talks: Jared Polis talks Technology and Entrepreneurship

Innovation Center students Lili Arredondo and Hannah Schineller speak with US Representative Jared Polis from Colorado’s second congressional district.

Every year, Start-Up Week gives small business an opportunity to try and further their clientele, outreach, and funding through a series of events, hashtags, and anything else the world thinks up. This year, U.S. Representative for Colorado, Jared Polis, visited businesses throughout the Boulder area. The Innovation Center was one of the many places he visited. On August 5th, Polis came to the IC to tour the facilities and see what each team was up to. He talked to the robotics team about their work in Peru, the Bibli team about their work with the company, and the IC Studios about how they are going to spread their reach within the community. Polis saw everything from aquatic robotics, to 3D printers, to laser cutters, and so much more.

Congressman Polis spoke with the students about his work prior to becoming a politician. He spoke about the many companies he has founded and tips for business owners looking to get their company off the ground.

Tech Talks airs Friday mornings on KGNU at 8.25am. It is produced by students at the Innovation Center in Longmont’s St. Vrain Valley School District.