Peter Lengsfelder: Beautiful to the Bone

Peter Lengsfelder writes under the name of PG Lengsfelder and his first novel is Beautiful to the Bone.

Lengsfelder began his writing career at 7 years old, co-editing a neighborhood newspaper with Annemarie, his next-door neighbor. His lifelong passion for writing and telling stories include co-authoring a best-selling nonfiction book (Filthy Rich, Ten Speed Press) and numerous awards for storytelling on national television, NPR and in print, including 17 years as a television writer/director and 16 years consulting on themes and storylines for litigators telling their stories in courtrooms across the country.

A ten-year resident of Boulder (1974-84), Mr. Lengsfelder was a founding member and on-air personality of Boulder’s KGNU, an original on-air voice of Boulder’s KADE-AM and KBCO-FM radio, and the lead singer of the Boulder-based rock & roll band, Sky Blue. For three years he was the music columnist for the Colorado Daily, and wrote extensively for the Rocky Mountain Musical Express and Rocky Mountain Magazine.

He currently lives in northwestern Montana with his wife Linda and their dog Lakota, surrounded by an abundance of fruit trees, and with itinerant visits from bears, bobcats, eagles and the occasional moose.

He spoke with KGNU’s Ginger Perry about that book and his connections to the Boulder community as one of the original founders of KGNU.