Outsources: Trans Sister Radio

Kaiya medAngela Palermo speaks with Kaiya Kramer, a transgender activist and independent media producer living in Northern California.  She hosts her own radio show called The Queer Life every Friday on KBBF in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County).  Every week, she brings her sense of humor and unabashed candor to issues important to the trans community, demolishing stereotypes and disinformation gleefully as she goes.  We discuss the origins of The Queer Life, her show’s reach, trans life in Sonoma County and the recent uptick of transphobic backlash in the U.S.  To listen to The Queer Life, please visit www.thequeerlife.org.

To learn more about Kaiya Kramer and her show, please go to www.pressdemocrat.com/specialsections/5678292-181/santa-rosa-radio-show-seeks  and ww2.kqed.org/arts/2015/06/15/a-transgender-mission-on-the-bilingual-airwaves/.



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