Denver SURJ Activists Arrested for Civil Disobedience

Four activists from Denver SURJ, Showing up for Racial Justice were arrested Wednesday July 20th, after an incident of non-violent civil disobedience where they locked arms in front of the Denver Police Administration building. The activists submitted a letter to Mayor Hancock, Chief White, and Manager of Safety Stephanie O’Malley.

“As a White movement for racial justice, we may not have a bullseye on our backs. We are not targeted for execution over and over; officers face consequences for murdering us. But we are not free until our Black and Brown neighbors, colleagues, comrades, friends, and family members are afforded justice and respect.”

The letter delivered a list of demands that had been formulated by Black Lives Matter 5280. Zoë Williams of Denver SURJ says the demands pertain to social and racial justice.

“Repealing the urban camping ban; stopping the sweeps of the homeless in Denver; divesting money from the militarization of Denver police and instead putting that money into addressing the multiple public health and housing crises that are unfolding in Denver. And also, demanding that Denver police department start to document the demographics of people that they have contacts with, particularly with things like stops and arrest, and make that information public.”

Williams says Denver SURJ says they are planning many more actions and they are hoping to engage the white community with racial justice activism. “We want to get white folks taking action for Black Lives Matter, for immigrant rights, for indigenous rights.”