Conflict Resolution – Money: Stress and Conflicts

Money can add immense stress to our lives and cause bitter conflicts.  What are options that help us profit from our experiences and maintain our personal and business relationships?  We will hear from our experts and listeners, as we share ideas and answers.

Expert panelists:

Paula Langguth Ryan has been helping consumers resolve financial conflicts for nearly 30 years.  As Senior Mediator at Compassionate Mediators, she offers people the tools they need to deal with allowances, spending patterns, inheritance issues, debt negotiation and credit restoration.

Damon Day has spent more than a decade using his financial education and personal experiences to coach thousands of families through financial hardships.  He is one of the country’s foremost financial strategists in the debt relief industry.

With Mary Zinn of Zinn Mediation and KGNU’s Maeve Conran.