Arrest of Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient in Texas

“If Texas wanted to make some sort of example out of me, that’s completely within their power right now.”

Denver stand up comedian Jay Gillespie is a medical marijuana card holder. He was first prescribed marijuana for knee pain three years ago and he says it also helps with his bipolar disorder.

As a stand-up comedian, Gillespie travels all over the country with his medical marijuana products and his card. Last month, after a traffic stop in Texas, he spent 36 hours in jail. Gillespie is now facing felony charges from having his hash oil and vape pen with him.

“I always thought that if I obeyed the speed limits, obeyed the laws, wasn’t high when I drove, that I’d be okay. And yet, I was still pulled over for basically no reason and searched from there, and everything is pulled out of the back of my car and they found my hash pens and marijuana down in Texas.”

Gillespie believes he was profiled by the Texas police because of his Colorado license plates.  There has been a lot of anecdotal stories shared about similar instances of profiling of Colorado drivers in neighboring states since the lifting of the prohibition on marijuana in Colorado.

Gillespie says he wants his experience to serve as a lesson to others who may be traveling out of state. A Go Fund Me site has been set up to help Gillespie with his legal costs. (Image: Jay’s Go Fund Me site)