Outsources: Coping with Psychological Effects After Events Like Orlando

Early Sunday morning, a lone gunman opened fire in an Orlando gay dance club, killing at least 50 people and injuring scores of others, many of them critically.

This event is a painful tragedy for us all, and especially for the LGBTQ community, for whom it is a frightening reminder that LGBT people can still become targets, and that gay bars, meant to be havens where the community could gather, can also be sites of harassment and danger.

What are the psychological effects of these events on LGBTQ people, as individuals and communities?

And how can we protect ourselves and move forward in positive ways?

For some insights and answers, listen in Monday night at 6:30 on Outsources, when we’ll talk with Dr. Glenda Russell, who has spent more than two decades doing research, writing, consulting, and doing therapy around precisely these questions.

Her insights may help us all to recover and regroup as we move forward into Pride week and month.


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Additional resources from Glenda Russell, PhD (pdf).