Hemispheres: Protecting The World’s Last Rain Forests

Samuel Nnah Ndobe has dedicated his life in Cameroon to protecting Africa’s oldest, richest rainforest, The Congo Basin Forest from land grabbing and deforestation. Why does he think grassroots action is the only way to protect this irreplaceable ecosystem? Samuel helps Baka groups who address intense multi-national logging. He takes on the World Bank that promotes deforestation of wildlife habitat and indigenous forests, confronting wildlife poaching, and building sustainable livelihoods by linking locals to international organizations.


Maxine Anjiga shares her experience helping grassroots groups working to conserve forest, reefs, fisheries and other fragile and/or threatened ecosystems in Papua New Guinea. The Pacific Islands region is incredibly diverse—both ecologically and culturally—yet the indigenous populations and the fragile ecosystems they depend on are enormously threatened. Climate change, industrial logging, palm oil expansion, and lack of corporate accountability are just a few of the challenges.