Green Party Senate Candidate Arn Menconi

Arn Menconi is a former Democrat, serving two terms as an Eagle County Commissioner. He says having worked within the system, he realized that he had to work on the outside of the system to make a difference.

“Let’s just jump to the chase, there’s a two party system in America called the inside party and the outside party. The inside party, the Democrats and the Republicans are taking billions of dollars from corporations and are writing legislation or not writing legislation like last night with gun control, that are not working for the American people. And so after trying to get Michael Bennet to come out against the TPP last Summer around this same time and other Democratic congresspeople, they didn’t. And then when Obama or our military bombed the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan after a year and a half of protesting against being in the Middle East again, I said enough is enough and it’s time that I have to go in and run. So I had a choice to go inside the system and do a counter revolutionary move, or go outside the system. I think going outside the system, I’m much more connected with the citizens of the state of Colorado and I have just as much of an opportunity of winning in November as Michael and whoever the GOP pick.”

Menconi is the Green Party candidate challenging incumbent Michael Bennet in the November Senate race. He says that there are many progressives in Colorado who feel the Democratic Party no longer represent them. “I feel as though I have a message that Michael Bennet isn’t talking about that resonates with the voters and I only need about 600,000 votes to win.”

Menconi is opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership, supports local control of fracking and single payer health insurance. Find out more about his platform at his website.