Radio Book Club: “Father’s Day” Author Simon Van Booy

van-booy-fathers-dayThe May selection for the radio bookclub was Father’s Day by Simon Van Booy.  The novel moves between past and present and weaves together the story of Harvey’s childhood on Long Island and her life as a young woman in Paris.  When Harvey was six years old, she finds herself in the care of a veteran social worker, Wanda, and alone in the world save for one relative she has never met—a disabled felon, haunted by a violent past he can’t escape.

The novel is the journey of Harvey and her Uncle Jason, two people searching for a future in the ruin of their past.

Father’s Day is a meditation on the quiet, sublime power of compassion, and the beauty of simple, everyday things–a breakthrough work from one of our most gifted chroniclers of the human heart.

Top Image: Arsen Kashkashian of the Boulder Bookstore with author Simon Van Booy at the KGNU studios.


KGNU is partnering with the Boulder Bookstore for our radio book club. Every month Arsen Kashkashian, head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore, will select a book to inspire the KGNU listening audience to read along together. We will then be joined live in studio by the author for a call in show and book discussion. Arsen Kashkashian says participating in a bookclub is a great dynamic way for readers to enjoy a book.

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