Geo sapiens: Re-linking our community through connection to place

Martin Ogle says that all elements of our human communities are seamlessly connected to each other and to the places we live. “Our modern society is so fragmented that we need to put pieces back together, even at the community level, maybe especially at the community level.  We have lots of people working in different concerns and areas of life but we don’t talk to each other very much and that might be one of the reasons why problems persist and get worse.”

Ogle says the fragmentation is happening at an ideological, cultural and physical level.  “There is segregation of people because of neighborhood design, even the design of our houses, where we go by our houses and we don’t even get to say hi to each other because we’re in the back yard and not the front yard.”

He is organizing a workshop this Saturday in Lafayette where people from different walks of life will come together and be a part of re-linking seemingly disparate parts of community; of maintaining and restoring community health.  Ogle says that the workshop metaphor “Geo sapiens” provides a framework in which participants can sense and draw upon the powerful interrelationships between people and the living systems of the places we live.


Geo sapiens: Re-linking our community through connection to place is a workshop happening at Sister Carmen Community Center in Lafayette, on Sat. April 30, 9am – 1:30 pm.  Information and registration here.