Dear President Obama: Film looks at Obama’s record on oil and gas

“You cannot be leader in climate change and be for fracking.”

In his new movie Dear President Obama, film maker Jon Bowermaster takes a critical look at the President’s two terms in office and his record on oil and gas extraction.

“When President Obama took office in 2008, he was sold a bill of goods by the gas industry and some of his advisors…who told him that hydraulic fracturing would open up avenues to 100 years of natural gas that would power America. Some even said 150-200 years of natural gas. And President Obama like many politicians totally bought into it because it was promised to be a cleaner burning fossil fuel, it was promised to create jobs, jobs, jobs and it was supposed to be better for the environment than burning coal, so what politician wouldn’t buy into that? Turns out of course that we don’t have that much natural gas, rather than 100 years we have maybe 10-20 years of natural gas thanks to fracking. The jobs are kind of short-lived, we’re seeing a big bust right now in the big drilling states of North Dakota and Texas and Colorado where jobs have been lost because the  price of oil and gas has dropped so precipitously.”

Bowermaster says that in his second term, President Obama has come to realize the link between climate change and continued extraction of fossil fuels, but Bowermaster says, policies need to be enacted to get the country on a faster track to a clean energy future “he’s absolutely on the right page now, he understands but as we say in the film, you cannot be leader in climate change and be for fracking.”

Dear President Obama features interviews with scientists, economists, health professionals, geologists and whistle-blowers and features voices from across America who have been impacted by the oil and gas boom.


Dear President Obama will be screened at e-Town hall in Boulder at 7pm on Tuesday April 19th followed by a Q and A with film maker Jon Bowermaster.



Dear President Obama Official Trailer HD from Oceans 8 Films on Vimeo.