40 Years Stoned: A journalist’s romance

Tom Huth’s latest book is Forty Years Stoned, which chronicles his life long relationship and self described love affair with marijuana, but it also chronicles the last 20 years caring for his wife after her Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Huth is a part-time Gold Hill resident and former Daily Camera columnist. He has written for the Washington Post and a slew of magazines.
The book is at its heart a love story, about his wife Holly’s eighteen-year struggle with the ravages of Parkinson’s disease and his evolution as her caregiver.

“Marijuana will never lift this spell. Yet one puff on the pipe can often ease her discomforts and anxieties. And pot has been enormously generous to me by delivering untold thousands of sweet reprieves which give me the pizzazz, at 73, to go deep into extra innings with her.”

Tom Huth will speak about 40 Years Stoned on April 20th (4/20) at the Boulder Bookstore at 7.30pm.