Super Tuesday: Caucus time in Colorado

While Colorado Republicans won’t be participating in the Presidential strawpoll at this evening’s caucus, Colorado Democrats are expecting a large turn out of people who will be weighing in on a possible Clinton or Sanders candidacy.

Rick Palacio, chair of the Colorado Democratic Party advises registered Democrats who are planning on caucusing, to check the Colorado Democratic Party website to find their caucus location “in order to be eligible you have to be a registered Democrat for the last 2 months, the deadline was January 4th this year and you  have to live in your precinct for the last 30 days.”

Palacio says there are 3010 precincts spread throughout the state. He says the caucuses themselves start at a7pm.  He advises caucus goers to show up between 6 and 6.30pm. “If you are not in the door at 7 o’clock we won’t lock you out, but we tell people if you’re not there in person for specific business like the Presidential straw poll, you  can’t actually participate, so we’re encouraging people to get there as early as they can.”


Listen to our interview with the chair of the Colorado Republican Party on the caucuses here.

Registered Democrats can go here to find out where to caucus.

Registered Republicans can go here to find out where to caucus.

(img: wikimedia)