Capitol Conversation: Changing Colorado’s Caucus System

Colorado Democrats and Republicans recently wrapped up their caucuses and two lawmakers are planning to introduce a bill to change the state’s caucus system and add a presidential primary.


Interview Highlights from Capitol Conversation with Bente Birkeland:

On Public Support for Changing the Caucus System:

Joey Bunch- Denver Post: “It’s an antiquated system. It goes back to the colonial days and most states have gone to a primary and there’s momentum to go to a primary in Colorado.”

Peter Marcus- Durango Herald: “This year the lawmakers pushing it believe they have the ground swell of support. They certainly have the emotion on their side.”

On Legislative Hurdles:

Peter Marcus- Durango Herald: “We’ve tried in the legislature several times to address this issue and transition away from a caucus system to a primary system and every time it always hits the same funding roadblocks.”

Joey Bunch- Denver Post: “It would be hard to carve out six million dollars for this when you’re looking at giving nearly one billion dollars in refunds.”