2016 Boulder Arts Week + The Kepler Story

Boulder Arts Week is a citywide event which highlights Boulder’s distinguished arts and cultural programming and featured hundreds of performances, readings, demonstrations, lectures and much, much more, taking place March 25th through Saturday, April 2nd. KGNU’s Veronica Straight-Lingo had the chance to speak with Emily K. Harrison, the Director of Boulder Arts Week, and she began by explaining that the Boulder area boasts an impressive number of active artists.


The Fiske Planetarium on the CU Boulder campus featured a regional premiere of a fascinating performance piece at the cusp of art, science, and the harmony of existence. It’s called The Kepler Story, and it’s an immersive theater piece about 17th Century astronomer and mystic Johannes Kepler. Designed especially, and most appropriately for planetarium domes, this piece blends engulfing visuals and state-of-the-art sound design for a transformative and visceral experience. The show ran Fridays through Sundays, April 1- 10th. KGNU’s Veronica Straight-Lingo spoke with director and star, Nina Wise about The Kepler Story.