Sensi: Marijuana news – pesticide use on plants in Colorado

This week, the Colorado Department of Revenue issued an immediate public health and safety advisories due to the identification of potentially unsafe pesticide residues on all  marijuana products produced from marijuana cultivated by Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine Inc and from XG Platinum Corporation. Find out which products are subject to the advisories here.

These advisories are the latest in a long line of recalls and advisories issued by the state due to pesticide use which is currently being debated at the state house. Due to the ongoing federal prohibition of marijuana, the Environmental Protection Agency, the regulatory authority that labels pesticides, does not list any pesticide as being safe for marijuana plants. The state of Colorado is currently working on how to regulate pesticide use on marijuana plants.  “This is one of the weird areas that we come into in Colorado when it’s legal here but illegal federally…We’re trying to fix something on a state level that needs to be fixed on a federal level before we can really do it in the state.”

Leland Rucker also takes a look at a study by the University of Colorado School of Medicine,  that shows out of state tourists in Colorado are turning up at the ER with marijuana-related issues in higher rates than people who live here.  The study is published on February 25th in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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