End of Life Series: Coping with Grief

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to grief.  Our grief process is shaped by who we are, what we have lost, and how the world responds to us.  In this show, we’ll talk with people who have had different kinds of losses, how they experienced them, and what impact that has had in their lives today.

Today’s guests are:

  • Colette Pfeiffer, a registered psychotherapist in Colorado specializing in couples and individuals who want to work on relationships, cpfeiffer03@gmail.com.
  • Wendy Stern, Founder and Executive Director of the Grief Support Network.  She is also a yoga therapist, teacher and inspirational speaker on Grief & Transformation, wendy@griefsupportnet.org.
  • Kim Mooney is a death educator with decades of experience in hospice. Find out more about her work at practically-dying.com.


Image, left to right: Colette Pfeiffer, Kim Mooney, Wendy Stern