Weedgalized: True Tales From The High Country

“Legalizing pot in Colorado changed everything. Cultures were transformed, entrepreneurs descended on the state, and people couldn’t stop talking about it.”

As a bartender in the heart of Colorado Ski Country, Johnny Welsh started to see major changes after marijuana was decriminalized in 2014. From elderly tourists asking his advice on the best pot shops, to “gangapreneurs” capitalizing on the new industry…Welsh writes about it all in his new book Weedgalized: True Tales from the High Country.

Weedgalized contains interviews with everyone from the “Town Stoner” to the county Sheriff to former black market weed dealers.  Welsh shares stories of elderly tourists coming into his bar in Frisco looking for advice on the best weed store, to “gangapreneurs”  selling everything from t-shirts to ceramic pots with the slogan “a little pot from Colorado”.  Welsh talks to dispensary owners, dealers, growers, tour guides,”gangapreneurs”  and even movie producers looking for their next blockbuster.  The book doubles as a reference guide, listing Colorado dispensaries, marijuana stocks and more


Johnny Welsh will speak about his book on Sunday January 31st at 2pm at the Boulder Bookstore.