Sensi: Marijuana news – pot clubs in Denver

This week, editor Leland Rucker talks about a possible softening of attitudes in Denver towards the introduction of pot clubs.

“There are a lot of people out there using it (cannabis) and of course you can’t use it in public and this has caused enormous problems. There are places outside of Denver, just across the county line where people can use cannabis, there’s Club Ned in Nederland, there are places in Colorado Springs where you can do that.” For the most part Rucker says there are few opportunities for Coloradoans and tourists to use marijuana outside a private resident.  Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been against the introduction of pot clubs in Denver, however he recently spoke with the Denver Post editorial board and indicated a softening of his stance “when you start looking at what the users are doing, whether they’re visitors walking up and down the mall or smoking in our parks, you recognize that if someone doesn’t have a residence here, they have to have an outlet. Give me more information.”