Dot Org: Audubon Habitat Heroes

The Audubon Society of the Rockies is encouraging people to become habitat heroes who create gardens that provide suitable habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

Jamie Weiss, Habitat Heroes Coordinator for Audubon Rockies says Habitat Heroes practice a form of landscape stewardship, called ‘wildscaping’ – landscaping designed to utilize native plants, minimize water consumption and provide habitat for birds, bees and wildlife, large and small. This type of landscaping can happen in a residential yard, a few pots on a balcony, a public park, schoolyard garden, orchard or farm. The goal is to create a mosaic of habitats that link individual wildscapes to larger natural areas and reduce the loss of open space while benefiting birds and other wildlife.


Audubon Rockies is offering a half-day workshop on Saturday January 23 at Denver Botanic Gardens for both novice and veteran gardeners who are interested in wildscaping tips and techniques, attracting wildlife in an urban environment, eliminating chemicals in the landscape and minimizing water consumption.

Presenters include Doug Tallamy, renowned author and professor at University of Delaware, Jim Tolstrup of High Plains Environmental Center and Dave Leatherman, retired Colorado State Forest Service Entomologist.