Session Preview with Brian Del Grosso, House Minority Leader

Colorado is heading into the 2016 annual legislative session and state lawmakers will debate a host of topics from energy and water, to the budget and schools. Statehouse Reporter Bente Birkeland discussed the session with House Minority leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland).


Interview Highlights

On Election Year: “The reality is we don’t really have any control here in the state of Colorado at the state legislature over what happens in Washington DC. We don’t really have any control over the presidential election. We need to make sure we stay focused on the state of Colorado,” said DelGrosso.

On the Budget: “It looks like the revenue is going to come in lower than projected and for what we needed to basically fund all of our mandated spending, so I think you’re going go see cuts that will have to happen this year,” said DelGrosso.

On allowing Full Strength Alcohol and Beer to be Sold in Grocery Stores: “I think that’s probably something best that’s dealt with outside the legislature,” said DelGrosso.