Resurrection Village: Working to create a self-managed community of houseless people in Denver

Resurrection Village is a self-governed tiny home community that is currently in the form of tents and awaiting city approval and a plot of land.

“The ambition is that we would have an adequate place that we could move our village into”

A community of homeless people are currently camping at a site in Denver at 26th and Lawrence called Resurrection Village.

On October 24th homelessness advocates placed 5 tiny homes at the site, but the Denver Housing Authority and the Denver Police Department confiscated the tiny homes and arrested 10 activists.

The activists have remained at the site which was recently sold to Treehouse Brokerage and Development. Terese Howard with Denver Homeless Out Loud says they are hopeful that Treehouse will allow them to stay on the site for the next two and a half weeks.  Howard, says they are working with Denver City Council Member Albus Brooks to secure a permanent plot of land in the city where they can have tiny homes and a tent community. “He has committed to help us find a suitable plot of land… in two and a half weeks, the ambition is that we would have an adequate place that we could move our village into at that time.”


Homeless Out Loud activists are looking for donations of camping equipment, hand warmers and money to help the community. On December 3rd at 9am they are hosting a Community Neighborhood Cleanup and March at the location at 26th and Lawrence.

Contact information:   720-940-5291

Update: Despite assurances given earlier in the day from the City of Denver, that the residents could stay at the site until December 20th, on Thursday evening approximately 30 people sleeping in tents were evicted from the site.