Homeless Community Raided, Left to Survive in Subfreezing Temperatures

Tuesday’s blizzard and well below freezing temperatures were the conditions in which those living on the streets in Denver found themselves.   At six the previous morning Denver Police raided the sidewalk bordering Resurrection Village, the recently developed space that those living without housing have used to be able to erect tents following the October raid of their Tiny Home village.  An additional raid took place the next morning at the Samaritan sidewalk area on Park Avenue where others sleep.


The raid was livestreamed by the media collective Unicorn Riot from on the scene.

After the incident Denver Police tweeted about their homeless outreach and goal of getting everyone out of the cold.  Not so, say those we interviewed who said that instead, they were thrown into the cold.  Most reported that their belongings were taken by Denver Police including their tents, coats, hats, gloves, and backpacks.

On Saturday, KGNU teamed with Unicorn Riot in collaboration with Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL)  to livestream testimonies of those who survived the raid.  Upon viewing the livestream, Billie McIntyre, founder of the group Social Wellness and Advocacy Network (SWAN) contacted KGNU to say,“SWAN donated piles of hats and gloves that we had collected.  This makes me sick.”