COP21 Paris: “People aren’t making the right decisions at this meeting”

PARIS-Indigenous groups on Friday reported their rejection of the climate agreement because protections for their communities and territories have just become at greater risk.  Those protections today were removed from the text of the climate agreement which is legally binding, and was placed in the Preamble which is not.

The parties that are making decisions, are not making them because they have spoken with indigenous peoples within their communities or within their countries is what indigenous groups from the Pacific, North and South America, Africa and the European Arctic shared in a press briefing today about the text as it is evolving in the climate agreement.


“Your soul, your spirit will be lost to you because it’s back where your island’s sunk”  said Waitangi Wood, Pacifica Indigenous Network to KGNU after a panel discussion of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP) on Friday.

photos:  KGNU News



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